Halloweek in our school

Finally, «Spooky Season» has begun at our school: monsters, skeletons and ghosts have filled our corridors of the fifth floor. As we all know, Halloween is celebrated on the thirty-first of October and our teachers and students weren’t any different to this special celebration. The idea was to set up a fully decorated hallway of the English classrooms, inviting all workers of the school to come dressed up on this day, which was indeed-successful: some teachers really transformed themselves on that day. That’s why we did a contest on «the best Halloween costume» in the first break of the teacher’s room. Our final winner was: Alejandra Pregnan: a Katrina that wasn’t impossible to miss!

Overall, all students from fifth to twelfth grade were invited to arrive at school in a spooky costume.

But the little ones had a special assignment: fifth and sixth graders were all invited to decorate their classrooms in a spooky manner. Motivation was huge, since the most creative classroom would win a nice price. After taking a look at each classroom, the English Department had no doubts on the winners: the classrooms of 5th grade B and 6th grade C.

We really hope that our school community had fun celebrating Halloween. The aim was, not only becoming «someone else » on that day, but also learning and talking about the meaning of Halloween in our English lessons, which was possible through games and activities. 

Winner for decorating their classroom

5° B
6° C
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